This has been a crazy week. Somehow I made it to Freshly Pressed. I made a good enough argument to win the library some desperately needed furniture. I drove across the state. I introduced myself to new people. I networked– and I didn’t hate it! I’m exhausted, but I’m proud of myself. I don’t often stop to congratulate myself because I always feel I can do more. But you know what? I did a damn good job this week. I went out of my comfort zone, I stood up for my cause, and I got an amazing blog opportunity. So tonight I’m treating myself to a new pair of shoes, a mango lassi and a 9:00 pm bedtime.

Me with a neon mango lassi.

How do you treat yourself after a job well done?


8 thoughts on “Pride

  1. twigsforpigs

    Hi Melanie! My name is Twiggy and I love your blog! I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. You don’t have to accept it if you don’t want to, but for more information on the rules of accepting it (DON’T WORRY, it’s nothing creepy or scammy or anything), visit my post for more details.

    You can also visit the actual VBA site for the rules if you wish!

    Keep on blogging!
    xx Twiggy Piggy

  2. thebitchybride

    Congratulations, you did do well this week and totally deserve some treats. I got an email from an agent this week, which probably won’t amount to anything, but feels good for now, so I’m treating myself with a weekend off the diet and some indulgent family time. :)


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