Airstream Update: The White Thing

book shelves in an airstream

On the 4th, we had our friends over to enjoy a fire pit. They have a three-year-old who was very impressed with the airstream. He kept asking if he could go into “the white thing.” I’m pretty sure he thought it was a playhouse. I’m ok with that.

shelving in an airstream trailer
You can see that we finally got all the shelves built and painted! We also did a bunch of unphotogenic stuff like fix the water heater. I also did a bad thing, ya’ll. I accidentally painted over the knobs for the air-conditioning. We tried turning it on and thought it didn’t work. After much Googling, we figured out there was higher setting on the knob. Doh!

I may be a couple pickles short of the jar, but we have the sweet, sweet joy of air-conditioning.


3 thoughts on “Airstream Update: The White Thing

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  2. Georg

    What’s the coldest it’s been, during the winter, in the Airstream? Also, the one AC unit adequately cools the trailer? BTW, I like the painted white walls. And the inside of the trailer doesn’t look spooky anymore.

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