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rp_Link-Love-1024x102411111111-1024x10241-1024x1024-1024x10241-1024x10241-1024x10241-1024x1024-1024x10241-1024x10241-1024x1024-1024x10241-1024x10241-1024x10241-1024x10241-1024x1024-1024x10241-1024x10241-1024x1024-1024x10241-1024x10241-1024x1024.jpg How has the American home changed in the past 40 years? (Spoiler alert: it’s become giant and expensive!)

This man built a tiny home for his homeless neighbor. I think this is a step in the right direction, I truly believe tiny houses could help solve homelessness, but the house needs a few more amenities– like room to stand and a bathroom to make a real difference. What do you think?

America’s trailer parks: the residents may be poor, but the owners are getting rich. Ugh…

“The 1979 Bluebird International [bus] can rumble up to 55 mph on recycled vegetable oil, sleeps six; contains a hot-water shower, kitchen, fridge and freezer; sports floor-to-ceiling wood paneling; and features a music studio with stand-up piano.” Who knew you could fit a piano and 6 people on a bus?

The Ecotravelers sold their Airstream for a lot of reasons, but travel costs is one of them.

How to deal with expensive friends.

The coupon rules you can bend or break and the stores that let you.

You don’t have to be excited to be committed.

Beat procrastination with daily training.

How to travel the world in a wheelchair. So inspiring!

This journalist gave up her $95,000 job to move to the Caribbean. Do you, girl!

It’s almost the weekend!



Tuesday Thoughts: Ridiculous

ridiculous Most stuff we have isn’t stuff we need. It’s ridiculous stuff that we thought we wanted for a fleeting moment and then never used again. It’s ridiculous stuff that we got as a gift and didn’t want to throw away. It’s ridiculous new stuff that we thought we needed when the old would’ve done just fine. There’s enough ridiculous in our lives without buying more.



A Small Life Book Club: May’s Pick


This month I’m going to be reading Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less* by Greg McKeown. Although I would consider myself a minimalist in terms of “things,” I often take on too many hobbies, tasks, chores, projects and just extra work. I’m incredibly interested in how to “get the right things done” instead of trying to get everything done. And this book promises to show me how. I’ll be discussing the book on June 1st and I hope you’ll join along.

Happy reading!


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A Small Life Book Club: The Power of Less Discussion

The Power of Less Book

Welcome to book club! Let’s settle in with a glass of wine (it’s Friday, right?!) and get to chatting! This month we read, The Power of Less: The Fine Art of Limiting Yourself to the Essential…in Business and in Life* by Leo Babauta. Leo is of Zen Habits fame and this is one of many books and articles that he has written.

Full disclosure: I again, listened to this book via Audible*. This time I didn’t mind the speaker’s voice so I don’t think that swayed my feelings towards the book, but I do think at times, I missed things because I’m not a naturally audible learner.

What I did grasp from the book were a few key concepts that, although very basic, have been helpful for me in achieving goals in the past. Although, when Leo listed how many goals he has achieved in the beginning of the book using these methods, I felt like I have achieved NOTHING. He’s written books, run marathons, grown his blog to hundreds of thousands of readers and so much more.  He also has 6 kids and gets up at 4:30 am everyday. Crazy pants. Anyway, I think he really has something with the 3 “Most Important Tasks” (MITs) concept. I write down the 3 most important things that I have to do each day in my planner and my “MITS” always get done.

I also really liked his suggestion to start (almost comically) small when achieving goals. If you want to exercise everyday, start exercising for 5 minutes a day. It’s more important to establish the habit first than actually achieve results. I know that I would have trouble with this suggestion. I’m an over-achiever, but I’m going to try it with my next big goal.

Leo also suggests just pursuing one goal at a time. This would be the hardest suggestion for me to follow. I want to achieve so many things and I don’t want to wait an entire year to start the next goal. I want to both exercise every day and grow my blog. I don’t know if both would be possible by his standards.

I did like that his methods are easy to understand. Nothing is revolutionary, but nothing seems impossible either.

Did you read The Power of Less: The Fine Art of Limiting Yourself to the Essential…in Business and in Life?* Let’s chat in the comments


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Link Love: 38

rp_Link-Love-1024x102411111111-1024x10241-1024x1024-1024x10241-1024x10241-1024x10241-1024x1024-1024x10241-1024x10241-1024x1024-1024x10241-1024x10241-1024x10241-1024x10241-1024x1024-1024x10241-1024x10241-1024x1024-1024x10241-1024x10241-1024x1024.jpg The weight of our possessions. Could our clutter be making us fat?!?

What happens when rich people marry poor people.

Have ya’ll read about the CEO who raised the minimum wage at his company to $70,000? It’s a smart move for his employees, but it was also genius marketing!

Here’s how much millennials are earning in each state.  No wonder we can’t get ahead :(

The best and worst cities for renters.

Stick to your financial goals by making your goals EXCITING!!! Duh! You aren’t going to stick to a goal that doesn’t delight you.

This house is spacious and adorable, but super narrow. And it’s for sale. I could live there, no problem. Could you?

A step-by-step guide for simplifying your beauty routine.

8 reasons successful people are choosing to wear the same thing every day. I’ve been narrowing down my wardrobe lately to a sort of uniform. It’s made life so much easier.

10 simple things to make you happier at home. 

And just for fun… these little girls playing Metallica made my week. They kill it! 

Let’s get to the weekend, already!


Tuesday Thoughts: Success

success I often have trouble defining myself as “successful.” I see other people my own age traveling the world, scrambling up the corporate ladder, opening their own businesses and living their dreams. I know that I shouldn’t compare myself to them, but I do. It’s so easy to get caught up in the usual standard for success– big house, nice car, extravagant vacations, etc. Instead, I’m trying to focus on defining success in terms of happiness. I have a happy marriage, the sweetest dog and a family that loves me. I’m still working on wanting just what I have, but I know that I have everything I truly need.




Airstream Organization

Airstream Spice Organization

This weekend was a rainy one, so if I had to stay inside for most of the weekend, I decided that I might as well be productive. I tried not to spend every last dime of my birthday money at the Container Store, but it organizational gizmos are better than candy to me. I may have had to stifle my urge to skip through the store.

I did spend most of my birthday money, but it was well worth it. I’ve been meaning to give some of the cabinets and drawers in the Airstream a little sprucing up for a while, but I just haven’t gotten around to it.

Airstream Cabinet Organization

Before and After

Looking at the drawers, cabinets and closets now, I feel so much better.

Airstream Pantry Organization

One problem with the Airstream is that it has super deep cabinets. This is great for storing a lot of stuff, but it’s not great for remembering that you have 15 cans of potatoes. I got these holders that are intended for canned drinks in the fridge, but I used them for canned goods in our “pantry.” Now I can see everything we have to eat.

Airstream Utensil Organization

Before and After

I had always wanted to organize our utensil drawer, but George balked at it every single time I mentioned it. Sorry, honey, you have to organize our utensils now when you put them away. It had to be done! My sanity was at stake.

Sometimes it’s the little things in a little space that make such a difference.

How was your weekend? Let me know in the comments!