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An Airstream in the Woods

I love these longer hours of daylight, but the time change is always rough on me. I’ve never been one of those people who can bounce back from lost sleep. I’ve been grumpy, waking up at all hours of the night and drinking too much coffee. Do ya’ll feel super sensitive to the change too?

Well, since we’re all “Sensitive Sallys” this week, I’m keeping Link Love short and emotional. Get ready to re-evaluate your entire life. 😉 Continue reading

Custom Camper Van Progress

Van Before Interior
George and I are currently building out a custom van for camping and travelling. We’d love to travel in the Airstream, but it’s large and cumbersome– especially for a short trip. We don’t have much time to work on the van, but we’ve made some progress and I want to share it with you today.

As a reminder, let’s take a look at the van before we started working on it. (See above and below!) Van Inside Before


And here’s the progress we’ve made… Continue reading

Ask Melanie: How do you deal with lifestyle criticism?

Dealing with Lifestyle Criticism

Lately I’ve been receiving a bunch of emails from readers asking specific questions about living full-time in an Airstream. Awesome! I love questions! Ask away! But I do like to address the questions on my blog so a wider audience can benefit from the answers. I also have a FAQs page and a place for new readers in case you were looking for one.

Anyway, today’s question is from a reader who is shopping for Airstreams this week! And she wants to know… “Did you receive judgement and criticisms in the beginning?”

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Link Love: 69

Custom Van Buildout Link Love on a Monday, again? Yikes. Ya’ll, I’ve been having a rough week and a half. I severely twisted my ankle and then I got food poisoning. I feel like I’m falling apart! On the bright side, being somewhat immobile has given me time to read quite a few books and find some online gems. I even helped clean and build out the van a bit before I had to take a nap. #truth. On with Link Love!  Continue reading

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Sunrise at the Airstream

Lord, ya’ll. I thought I set this post to publish on Friday, but apparently I did not. It’s been one of those weeks. Oh well, here’s hoping these links lessen the blow of Monday for ya.
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10 Tiny House Myths

10 Tiny House Myths Debunked! I don’t have cable, (or even a television!) but whenever I go to my parents’ house, I end up getting sucked into Tiny House t.v. shows. It’s a whole genre now! And it’s amazing to see something that took us several months to do compacted into a neat, half-hour program. And I know a lot of it is editing and creating a story-line, but after living in an Airstream for over 2 years, I see a lot of myths and misconceptions about tiny house living on television shows. Today I’m going to set the record straight by debunking 10 tiny house myths.  Continue reading

Book Report: December and January

Reading by the fire
I had been doing a book club on the blog where we would read a book about minimalism or living small and then I’d report on it. I fell out of the habit because I got stuck on a book I just simply could not get through. And life is too short to read boring books, am I right?!?

I’d like to get back in the book club habit, but first I thought it might be interesting to take a break and talk about the books I read in December and January. These books have no theme, really. It was just what interested me. And sometimes that’s what I need. Continue reading