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Link Love: 15

rp_Link-Love-1024x102411111111-1024x10241-1024x1024.jpg This cartoon dog tells you what to do with that 401k from your last job. 

This fun Chrome browser extension shows you how much time it takes to buy things when online shopping.

This interactive checklist shows you how to manage your money at any major life stage. 

How to stock your medicine cabinet for less. 

18 gifts for kids that aren’t toys. 

This tiny house is awesome! They’ve got a tiny bath, a real toilet and a washing machine! It’s also at Kitty Hawk. Score!

Clever remodeling ideas. This has some great ideas for small home livin’.

Haters and Critics: How to Deal with People Judging You and Your Work. Everyone’s a critic.

The disease of being busy. A beautiful, heartfelt piece that made me want to slow down, take a walk and just enjoy.

And one from the archives if you’re like me and trying to fully take in fall before the holiday rush begins… 10, 10 minute harvest crafts.

Happy Friday eve!


A Technical Update

via Death to Stock Photo

via Death to Stock Photo

Hey ya’ll! I’m just dropping in on this happy hump day to let you know that things are changing a bit around here. You might not notice it too much, but if you’ve been reading the blog at, you might need to change your bookmark. I’m going to be blogging from now to more accurately reflect where this blog is going. The old pins should work too, but if you find any broken links, let me know! asmalllifemelanie at gmail dot com.

Thanks for your support. I truly appreciate each and every one of you!!


Come work with me!

Desk in an Airstream

This little ol’ blog is growing! I just adore all the extra attention that it has gotten lately, but as someone with two jobs (other than this blog), a dog and a husband, I just can’t do it all. Sometimes a girl needs a little help. That’s why I’d like to hire a web developer to help me clean up some of the backend junk on my site and get a few new things going.

I’d love to hire someone who is already familiar with my site. This person needs to have knowledge of HTML, CSS, WordPress and SEO. This person can live anywhere, but they need to possess excellent email communication skills. If you think you can help, email me asmalllifemelanie at and we can talk more about the details of the project. This is a paid position, obviously.

Please feel free to pass this along to friends! I hope to hear from you!


Do you live the small life? I want to hear from you!

door to Airstream copy Do you live in a small house, in an Airstream or in a bus? Have you recently downsized your life? Do you live “unconventionally?” Do people often question your sanity? Just kidding about that last one, but I want to hear from you!

I am currently taking submissions for a new column that will feature people from around the world who embody the meaning of “living small.”

A Small Life is read by thousands of readers each day and could be a great opportunity to get your business/house/bus/life/Instagram/etc. seen!

Please send submissions to asmalllifemelanie at Submissions should include at least 4 photos (jpg or jpeg) that are at least 540 pixels wide. Also, please include why you embody living small. If chosen, I will contact you with further instructions.

I can’t wait to hear from you!


Love Weekends: a quick weekend trip


This weekend we took a little trip up to DC to visit my sister. My mom offered to drive and we could stay with my little sis, so I couldn’t say “no” to a free trip.

My mom is a mail carrier, so we decided to visit the National Postal Museum. It was surprisingly engaging. I didn’t think stamps and mail delivery could be so interesting. The exhibits were super interactive and the building was gorgeous.

IMG_3101 I could live in this old mail train car.

IMG_3116 IMG_3115 IMG_3118

We also visited a Russian restaurant and had such a fun time. Our waiter had the stereotypical Russian disposition and we ordered a Russian roulette (aka 6 shots of different vodkas.) It was fun times all around. I only wish I had worn more (faux) fur.

The weekend ended much, much too early.

What did you do over the weekend? Let me know in the comments!



Love Weekends: Fall Break

Mom! Stop cleaning so you can play with me. Oiy. Such a needy one.

Mom! Stop cleaning so you can play with me. Oiy. Such a needy one.

eggs I’ve been a little light on posting lately. To be honest I needed a little brain break. George and I had planned to go to the mountains this past weekend, but it just didn’t happen. There’s always something to do around the ol’ Airstream that seems much more important than having fun. Le sigh. Most of the weekend consisted of grown up activities like grocery shopping, dishes doing, breakfast cooking and fall cleaning. Is that a thing?

potatoes Oh yeah, being an adult means lots of napping too.

How was your weekend? Let me know in the comments!


Love Weekends: Of Flea Markets and Friends

flea market Does anyone else feel like October – January 1 is a whirlwind? It’s my busiest season, for sure. Only one more day in September, then we’re racing to the year’s finish line. And no surprise here, I’m already behind on work, blogging and… well… life. Because someone over commits. (This girl.)

In true over commitment fashion, this weekend we set up at the flea market. We occasionally will set up to sell some stuff and make a little cash. (Here’s my tips on how to sell at flea markets here.) I love purging out closets and this time my mom gave me a few things to sell, as well, since we’ve mostly rid ourselves of worldly possessions :)

We made a couple of bucks. Nothing spectacular, but every little bit counts.

wild and precious life On Sunday we had planned to just get our shiznit together. Clean around the house, make lunches, prepare for the week, etc. But that plan was foiled when we discovered some old friends were in town.

My “organizer” personality was freaking out a bit, but I’m so glad we ditched everything to catch up with friends. One of those old friends had recently been in a motorcycle accident and it really reminded me to live for today. At the end of my life I won’t say, “Well, I wish I had cleaned my house more.”

Are we getting too deep for a Tuesday? Maybe. But Fall Break is this week and I’m taking next Monday off to just live life.

I hope you have the best of weeks!