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Love Love: THE Dress

I was planning on writing a post today about our outing to the Great Dismal Swamp last weekend. It was beautiful and I took some pictures FROM A MOTORCYCLE AT 60 MPH! But instead, I feel the need to write about my first “ack” wedding experience. Judge me if you must.

As of this moment, I think I am going to wear this dress during our after-wedding party and buy another dress for our ceremony.

So, today I made an appointment to try on dresses. Le sigh. It wasn’t as I had hoped. I felt like I was judged on my budget over the phone. So before I am even at the salon, I’m judged. Am I overreacting? Maybe. Maybe the girl on the phone just had an annoying voice, or maybe she has no phone manners? Maybe, but…

  • The dress that I’m in love with online isn’t even available in their store or anywhere in NC until the fall. Ack.
  • I’m already nervous about my mom being judgmental about my dress budget. Ack.
  • I’m nervous about feeling fat and uncomfortable when trying on dresses. Ack. I’ve cried in a dressing room before. Ack. I’m sure most of you girls and maybe some dudes have too. Ack.

I can be a real Cathy sometimes. Rationally, I know this is a dumb thing to stress about. Really, it isn’t that bad. I haven’t even gone to the salon yet. Maybe I haven’t even seen THE DRESS. Maybe there is no such thing as THE DRESS. Maybe it is like Santa, he/the dress are real if you want to believe.

I just love fashion and I put a lot of importance on THE DRESS. I want to love it and feel amazing in it. ME.ME.ME.ME.ME.

Rant over.

Video Commence:

Cathy – SNL

Was your dress-buying experience a positive one?


I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!

Y’all. I feel like a total lunatic. I said I wasn’t going to write about my wedding anymore, but here I am. I have to stop taking crazy pills. But I feel the need to share.

I had a little bit of what us southern ladies like to call a “moment” tonight when I tried on my wedding dress. I haven’t tried it on in months and for the first time I had some serious doubts about it. Not doubts about the marriage, but doubts about the dress. It’s the only thing I have bought, hell, it is the only plans I have made. But I’m seriously doubting the dress now. (I.E.: Is this really how I want to look? And does this make me look frumpy?!) I don’t know if the seed of  doubt was planted in my brain long ago by my mom and my sister (who were rather unenthusiastic about the dress) or if I am just plain indecisive.

Crappy iPhone picture aside, what do you all think? It’s vintage, of course. I originally wanted to tailor the neckline down a bit, cut the sleeves to my elbows and add a thin gold belt. I just added the black for show. But is it special enough?

the indecisive librarian, melanie