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How to refresh your old jeans!


before2 before1 I was sick of my only pair of skinny jeans looking faded and making me feel less than skinny. Black is slimming! Grey, not so much. So into the dye they went!

This may be one of my easiest DIY posts to date. Even if you’ve never journeyed into the wonderful world of tie-dye, you can figure this one out.


  • Faded jeans
  • Clothes Dye (I’ve had good experiences with RIT dye, but this time I used Tulip.
  • Very hot water

Follow the dye manufacturer’s instructions since they may vary by brand, but check out the hints below.


after2 after1 Hint: I get the water even hotter than the package recommends. I don’t think water from the sink is hot enough to make the dye dark enough. I actually get the water to a very light simmer on the stove, then put in the dye and stir, stir, stir!

Also: Don’t wear anything you even remotely like when dyeing clothes. It may splash on you and it will never come out– that’s the point!

Have you ever dyed clothing?


DIY Ombre Sunglasses


It seems like the ombre trend will never die, huh? Oh well. I love it and I’m not afraid to omber-ize everything– including my sunglasses.

Here’s the how-to:

sunglasses1 Supplies:


Step 1 (Optional): (Enlist your husband) to drill small holes into the ends of your sunglasses. This will allow the ombre effect to be carried to the ends of the sunglasses. If you skip this step, you will just have to end the thread earlier on the sunglasses and leave the behind-the-ear-part empty. (Fancy terminology, huh?)

sunglasses3 Step 2: Place a piece of tape sticky-side up onto the back of the glasses. This makes the process much easier because the thread won’t slide around.

sunglasses4 Step 3: Tie a knot on the end of the of glasses closest to the eye.

sunglasses5 Step 5: Begin neatly wrapping the thread around the sunglasses. This is where you can be creative with the process and switch up your colors.

Step 6: End the thread by neatly wrapping through the hole drilled in the end of the sunglasses. Tie a knot and dot the ends with fabric glue for extra strength.

Step 7: Repeat on the other side!

sunglasses6 Annnnnd done! We’re ready to hit the beach!





Easy Before and After: Snow Boots

Boots_Before I know spring is on the way and I live in the south, but snow boots were a total necessity this year. For a couple of months, it seemed like I needed these boots every weekend. Normally, I don’t need snow boots, so I have a hard time justifying buying a pair of cute, new boots. I’ve actually had these boots since middle school!

I love the recent trend of colored laces, so I decided to do an easy, upgrade on my boots by replacing the old, worn laces with bright, pink neon laces.

boots_after Upgrade! Wham, bam, thank you, ma’am!

Do you have David Bowie songs stuck in your head yet? Have you completed any SUPER easy DIYs lately?



DIY Dolce and Gabbana Floral Sunnies


Do you ever see something you want and you just can’t get it out of your head? That is how I felt about these sunglasses. It was irrational, but I after seeing them on Pinterest could not stop! I was a mad (and broke) woman desperate for a pair of Dolce and Gabana sunglasses. Knowing that my bank account & I are not friends, I decided to break out my trusty glue gun and get to craftin’!

I’m super pleased about how this DIY turned out. It was super easy & so, so cheap!


Step 1: Break out your supplies. You will need a pair of sunglasses (I found mine at the Dollar Store), a hot glue gun, rosettes, scissors and spray paint (optional).


Step 2: (optional) I loved the look of the black flowers so I spray painted them. You could leave the flowers as is for a more colorful look. You’ll notice I enlisted the help of George for this one. He is way better at spray painting than I am. He also had the brilliant idea to tape the flowers to a piece of cardboard, so they didn’t roll around during the spraying process.

Step 3: Let the rosettes dry & heat up your glue gun. I also cut some of the “leaves” off the rosettes to place them closer together, but that is an optional step.

Step 4: Working your way inward, place a small dot of glue on the sunglasses. Put rosette into the glue and hold for 10 seconds or until cool.


Step 5: (optional) Hit the beach in your fabulous new sunnies! You’re a doll!


Love Friday: May 25th

I’m a little late on the Friday Love because I had to go out of town for a doctor’s appointment. Doctor’s appointments are always quite the tragedy for me. I have a terrible fear of needles and I had to get stuck twice this time. Apparently when you are so nervous that you are sweating and crying, your blood doesn’t want to evacuate you body…

It’s embarassing, but good to share our fears, don’t you think? Anyway, these links are making me feel loads better.


This gorgeous ’40s hair tutorial from The Beauty Department and Lauren Conrad. 

9. 14 Easy Ways to get Insanely Motivated from INC. All easy in theory.


Etsy’s How-to Tuesday‘s 10 colorful crafts links. I particularly like this one by Hew and Sew, because it is EASY!

7. The Andrew Carnegie Medal for Excellence in Fiction finalists look excellent. I’m especially excited to read Swamplandia! A surrealist story about 12-year-old gator-wrestling Ava Bigtree and her eccentric family. Sounds good, huh?


This kitchen is so gorgeous. I don’t even usually like green, but this is divine.

5. Since my tragic doctor experience today, I’ve been Googling how to overcome fears. I found this article from The Positivity Blog to be comforting.


Sparkly Lemon Cookies! By Martha, of course.

3. This summer, Barnes and Noble is offering a free book to kids who read 8 books and fill out a reading journal!


I’m thinking about buying a pair of Saltwaters for the beach because I despise flip-flops. Are Saltwaters too cliche? It seems like I see them everywhere, but they’re some of the only sandals I’ve seen that I don’t hate. The gold is kinda pretty, right?


I’m so excited about this movie! I hope it lives up to my expectations, it looks AH-MAZING!

Have a great Memorial Day weekend! Do ya’ll have any plans?


Love Love: THE Dress

I was planning on writing a post today about our outing to the Great Dismal Swamp last weekend. It was beautiful and I took some pictures FROM A MOTORCYCLE AT 60 MPH! But instead, I feel the need to write about my first “ack” wedding experience. Judge me if you must.

As of this moment, I think I am going to wear this dress during our after-wedding party and buy another dress for our ceremony.

So, today I made an appointment to try on dresses. Le sigh. It wasn’t as I had hoped. I felt like I was judged on my budget over the phone. So before I am even at the salon, I’m judged. Am I overreacting? Maybe. Maybe the girl on the phone just had an annoying voice, or maybe she has no phone manners? Maybe, but…

  • The dress that I’m in love with online isn’t even available in their store or anywhere in NC until the fall. Ack.
  • I’m already nervous about my mom being judgmental about my dress budget. Ack.
  • I’m nervous about feeling fat and uncomfortable when trying on dresses. Ack. I’ve cried in a dressing room before. Ack. I’m sure most of you girls and maybe some dudes have too. Ack.

I can be a real Cathy sometimes. Rationally, I know this is a dumb thing to stress about. Really, it isn’t that bad. I haven’t even gone to the salon yet. Maybe I haven’t even seen THE DRESS. Maybe there is no such thing as THE DRESS. Maybe it is like Santa, he/the dress are real if you want to believe.

I just love fashion and I put a lot of importance on THE DRESS. I want to love it and feel amazing in it. ME.ME.ME.ME.ME.

Rant over.

Video Commence:

Cathy – SNL

Was your dress-buying experience a positive one?


Love Friday: May 11th

Welcome to the May 11th edition of Love Friday! A round-up of wondrous things I discovered from around the web this past week.


4 Whiskey Sour Recipes. One of my all-time favorite drinks!

9. The Weekly Review: How One Hour Can Save You A Week’s Worth of Hassle and Headache. I’m thinking about doing this at end of each week. Does anyone do this? Does it help?


Being Happy is Productive. I love this so much! I’m not sure if I have the original source linked or not. Damn, tumblr. If someone knows who the illustrated this, let me know.


Book People Unite! An adorable video from Reading is Fundamental. LeVar Burton makes a cameo appearance!

6.  How to start your blog with a bang by Elsie and Kinsey. I don’t really follow any of these guidelines, but que sera, sera.


Should you quit your day job to blog? Probably not. But the infographic is cute!

4. Freeze coffee in ice cube trays to make coffee ice cubes. I’ve been using coffee ice cubes all week in my iced coffee and it makes such a difference! I don’t know why I’ve never thought of this before…


I’m dying over this Zac Posen dress. Of course, it is sold out. Anyone know where I can find it?

2. 10 Famous Fiction Writers and Their Cocktails. I swear I’m not a lush.


Our president spoke out in favor of same-sex marriage!

I hope ya’ll have a lovely weekend. We are planning a motorcycle ride and a picnic. Are you planning anything fun?