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Rebel Angels and The Sweet Far Thing

Rebel Angels and The Sweet Far Thingthe second and third novel in the Gemma Doyle series, made me sincerely wish there were more strong, leading female characters in the novels I read growing up. Sure, I had Hermione Granger, but she was far more of a supporting character than a leading lady.

Gemma Doyle is the best kind of girl– a relatable one. She is strong, independent, curious, and imperfect. Gemma trusts the wrong people, crushes on the wrong boys and wants the unobtainable. She is pretty, but not beautiful. She is smart, but not a genius. She embodies the confusion of young adulthood and well… life.  In these last books, I most enjoyed seeing Gemma grow, stumble to find herself, and become a confident woman. It’s what kids young adults everyone goes through– with or without magic.

Although, I completely underestimated the time it would take to read the 800+ pages in the final book. In fact, I neglected my blogging duties last week because I was trying to finish it. Don’t get me wrong, reading wasn’t a chore. It was quite enjoyable, but I definitely think the final book in the trilogy, The Sweet Far Thing, could have been divided up into at least two books. And then maybe made into an HBO series. And then edited a bit.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed it and I’ll be the first in line to see the movie… if it ever gets made.

Have you read the Gemma Doyle trilogy? What did you think?