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Love Weekends: Work it!

gluten-free whoopie

Gluten-free whoopie pie

“This semester is almost over, this semester is almost over, this semester is almost over,” I keep repeating to myself. This past weekend has been another busy one. George and I sold some wares at a local neighborhood yard sale with friends. My friend, Gabby rewarded me for helping her with the yard sale with a homemade gluten-free whoopie pie. It was stuffed with cannoli cream! It was insanely decadent and delicious.

Working on the computer
Then, George and I high tailed it to the mountains because I have a conference this week. On the way, we stopped by Asheville– one of my favorite cities. But instead of puttering around and enjoying the beauty of the city, we sat in a coffee shop and did more work. Some weekends are like that.

But the summer is almost here. I’ve got trips planned and there will be time to relax… one day.

How was your weekend? Let me know in the comments!







Love Weekends: Come On, Spring!

 baby fern

I sure know how to pick the best time to live in an Airstream. Last summer was tough with all the rain and crazy storms and then this winter was longer and harsher than I most I remember. I’m more than ready to just feel like my old self. I’m ready to shake off the winter funk and frolic in the outdoors. This weekend we did just that.

creek through park

I never thought I’d call myself a “hiker,” but it’s becoming my new favorite hobby. It’s free, it’s exercise and it gets me outdoors. Bonus, dogs like hiking too. This weekend at our local park, I made George take one trail just so we could follow a pair of pugs… and their owners. I’m such a creep.

little white flowers

These first little signs of spring are so encouraging.

bridge through woodsSee all the little green stuff trying to poke it’s way out?!

Sprouting tomato plant

Also, I’m insanely excited about the first little sprouts for my garden. I hope I can keep them alive! I check on them multiple times a day. I’m trying not to be a helicopter parent and overwater my little beauties, but I’ve never grown something from a seed before! (Crazy, I know.)

How was your weekend? Are you seeing spring in your neck of the woods? Let me know in the comments!




30 Ways to Live a Simpler Life

30 ways to live a simpler lifeLiving simply has been on my mind as of late. I think I live a pretty simple life. I mean, it can’t get too complicated when you live in an Airstream. I may have the whole simplistic living situation figured out, but there’s still plenty of room for improvement. Lately I’ve been feeling a little “over” the Internet. There’s just a whole lot of stuff and not enough substance. Do you feel me? This week I’ve weeded out time-consuming blogs. I’m also giving myself a little break to take a technology detox and celebrate a special someone’s birthday tomorrow. I’m going to get out there with my favorite person and just live.

  1. Commit to living simply
  2. Practice mindfulness
  3. Clear the clutter
  4. Get your financial house in order
  5. Identify your sources of stress
  6. Eliminate your sources of stress, if possible
  7. Outsource your chores
  8. Take a technology break
  9. Turn the alerts off
  10. Do something nice for someone
  11. Write down your feelings
  12. Actually take your vacation time
  13. Take time for yourself each day
  14. Shun perfection
  15. Take time to enjoy nature each day
  16. Eat meals with 5 ingredients or less
  17. Eat more fruits and veggies
  18. Eat lunch away from your desk
  19. Make a list of priorities
  20. Meditate or practice yoga
  21. Give yourself a break
  22. Forgive yourself
  23. Read a book just for fun
  24. Share your feelings with someone
  25. Listen to calming music
  26. Get a good night’s rest
  27. Tell someone you love them
  28. Learn to day “no”
  29. Remember that things are just things
  30. Commit to simplicity again tomorrow

How do you keep it simple? Let me know in the comments.


Love Weekends: Hustlin’

The scrap metal we pulled out of the woods.

The scrap metal we pulled out of the woods.

On Saturday, George and I got up early and trekked into the woods behind our house. Although it was never a “dump” people dumped trash in the woods behind our house from the ’50s to the ’70s. What can I say? People were a lot less environmentally friendly back then. Does anyone remember that episode of Mad Men where The Drapers are having a picnic and when they are finished Betty picks up the blanket and scatters the trash onto the ground. And then everyone proceeds to leave the trash all over the ground all nonchalant! Yeah. It’s kind of like that.

We pulled out a ton of old, rusty metal to take to the scrap yard. Ok, maybe not a ton. It just felt like a ton because my arms are weak little twigs. Later this week George is going to take it to the scrap metal yard to cash it in, so I don’t know the exact poundage yet. Don’t worry, I’ll have a write up about how to make a little money on the side by scrounging for scrap metal.

Worn out!

Worn out!

It was hard, laborious work but I’ll take whatever extra money I can make.

Do you have a weekend side hustle? I want to hear about it in the comments!


Love Weekends: First Signs of Spring

Pathway in the parkI don’t think I’ve ever been so desperate for warm weather in my life. Sunday was such a relief. George and I went to a local park to really get the most of the 70 degree weather. We saw way too many cute dogs and I have a terrible case of puppy fever. At one point I almost stole an adorable brindle pug whose head was way too small for his body. Puppy fever is real people.

Lake at the parkBut alas, spring is a fickle b*tch. The low today is 18 degrees and there’s ice in the forecast. Oh spring, why won’t you stay?!

ducksHow was your weekend? Did you get a tiny taste of spring?

Let me know in the comments!



Custom Drawers in an Airstream

custom drawers in an AirstreamI love the idea of open shelves, but we’re just not that organized. I quickly realized that after living in the Airstream for just a couple of weeks. Half done art projects and crafting junk is just not pretty. But building drawers just wasn’t a project that we had time to complete… until now!

George and I are into recycling and using what we’ve got. It’s thrifty and good for the environment. Wins all around. We salvaged some old barn wood from when the barn was damaged in the tornadoes this fall to use to make the front of the drawers. We also had some leftover wood from building out the shelves and our bed in the Airstream. We used that wood for the sides and the bottom of the drawers.

Here’s what the shelves looked like without the drawers:
shelving in an airstream trailer book shelves in an airstream

Pretty, but not very practical.

Building drawers

George went to work by measuring, cutting and drilling the pieces together.

When we got the drawers into the Airstream, we quickly realized that these babies are going to need some drawer handles. So, we cut up one of George’s old belts and used the rough grain side of the belt to create pulls. Pretty cool huh? We could only find short gold screws to attach the leather to the drawer, so we ended up coloring them with a silver Sharpie. Red neck ingenuity at it’s finest, folks.

custom distressed drawers with leather pulls

Did you finish any projects this weekend? I want to hear about them in the comments!


Snow Day!

Airstream in the snowy woodsI know that everyone in the Northeast is probably like “Yawn, we get 4 inches of snow every day.” But in the South, we can go the whole year without any snow. When we have even the threat of snow everyone runs out to get bread and milk and becomes meteorologists from watching the weather report so often. We’ve only had snow twice this year, so the novelty hasn’t worn off yet. Oh yeah and in the South, we get snow days for 4 inches of powder, so we’re all pretty excited.

Just a man in the snow

Airstream with icicles! Check out those icicles!

Pulling the sled Come on ya big oaf!I’m mushing as fast as I can!Sled boarding?A new extreme sport?

Snowy woodsThe woods are lovely dark and deep.

I’m a warm weather girl all the way but I sure am thankful for a snow day every now and again.

How’s the weather in your parts? Let me know in the comments!