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Love Weekends: Before the Storm

park with georgeToday is the first day of classes and I’m kind of freaking out. We’re short two people at work and our system is scheduled to go down today for four hours. I’m anticipating hellish conditions. Oh well. I’m just going to try to focus on how beautiful this past weekend was. We had friends come in from out of town. I don’t have any pictures of that because we were having too much fun. But on Sunday, George and I felt like bad dog parents for leaving Bambi home alone so much this weekend so we took her on a long walk at a local park.

park with george park park Bambi duskEeep! Wish me luck.



Airstream Front View copySo maybe Airstream Week has ended up being Airstream two weeks. Or week and a half. Oh well. Ya’ll aren’t sick of it yet, are you? I got a lot of questions about the Airstream and our life and I wanted to answer some of them here. So here goes.

1. Do you really live in the Airstream… like all the time?
Yep! We live in the Airstream in the stifling heat of summer and the bone chilling cold of winter. In case of an emergency (like a hurricane), we’ll go to a relative’s house nearby. But other than that, we’re in it the whole time!

2. Are you parked or do you travel?
Right now we are parked in order to save money. We would love to travel with the Airstream one day.

3. Where are you parked?
We are parked on land owned by my husband’s family. It is a beautiful farmed and wooded plot. We stay on the land in exchange for chores.

4. Where do you do laundry?
We have very gracious relatives who let us do laundry at their house in exchange for chores around the house.

5. How much did your Airstream cost?
Our Airstream was $5,000 and we spent about $1,000 on fixing her up. Read more about our buying story here.

6. How long did it take you to fix up the Airstream?
It took about 2 months of intense work.

7. How can I live this life?
This life isn’t for the faint of heart. It isn’t easy, but it is rewarding. 90 percent of living this way is deciding that you want it and sticking with it.

What questions have you been dying to ask? Ask me in the comments!


Love Weekends: Family Time

BaseballThis weekend was all kinds of family fun. But first it was friend time.

On Friday night, I went to see a game with friends. George stayed at home to work and the game was almost unbearably long. If it wasn’t for the fireworks at the end, I’m pretty sure we would’ve left during the 7th inning.

Me and my nieceSaturday was my father-in-laws birthday. We went out to eat with the family and then came home to indulge in cupcakes. We taught my niece to take selfies. It was pretty cute.

Sunday we went to visit my parents. We wanted to introduce Bambi to them before school starts and things get crazy for me. They spoiled her like crazy.

Me and BambiAfter all that family time, Bambi and I could really use another day to just be introverts, but alas, it’s back to work.

introverts heartP.S. Have ya’ll seen this cute illustration by Gemma Corell? It pretty much describes where I’d like to live all the time.

Happy Monday?


Love Weekends: Slow Down Summer

Paddlin'This weekend flew by a little too fast for my liking. Come to think of it, this summer is flying by a little too fast. I’m starting to feel the crunch of the Fall Semester closing in, just as I was beginning to enjoy summer. These warm months fly by so much faster than their colder counterparts.

Ridin'This weekend I soaked in some of that summertime goodness. On Saturday, George and I, along with some friends went on a short motorcycle ride, then we paddled around in a pond and fished a bit. Sunday was spent doing my regular thing. Food prep, gardening, cleaning and dreading the week ahead. Haha.

Gone fishin'!

Gone fishin’!

Zucchini bigger than my forearm!

Check it out: zucchini bigger than my forearm!

How was your weekend? Let me know in the comments!


Love Weekends: To-Do List

Cleaning the AirstreamI’ve had certain things on my master to-do list for about a year. Talk about procrastination. This weekend I finally got the motivation to accomplish a few of the bigger tasks including major cleaning and taking quality pictures of the Airstream! I’m hoping to do before and after posts at the end of this month.

Because…. drum roll… The end of this month will be our year anniversary living in the tin can! Can you believe it?! I put together a little seasons in the Airstream collage and it was so gratifying.

An Airstream throughout 4 seasonsBrussel sprouts ravaged by wormsPulling up the Brussels sprouts in my garden was not so gratifying. Worms got to them even though I took pesticide precautions. Oh well.

My Desk in the Airstream

I also finally framed this print! I’ve had it for over a year and never got around to framing it. Yikes. George also got in on the to-do list action and built me a nice, little desk so I can get some more work done!

Even though I’m physically exhausted, I feel more energized than I have in a long time. Weird how that works.

Was your holiday weekend productive or restful? Let me know in the comments!


Love Weekends: A Little Alone Time

lake duskGeorge has been away for work since Wednesday, so I’ve been spending a lot of quality alone time with myself. Not in a depressing way, I quite enjoy being alone. I’ve listened to music that George hates (electronic, dance) and watched TV shows and musicals that George hates (Downtown Abbey and Fiddler on the Roof.) I’ve had quite a good time, actually.

I actually had time to take a walk around a gorgeous, local lake. I saw a heron in flight! And I dog-watched. I’ve been a bit of a crazy pet lady lately.heron over lake lakeI wasn’t totally alone all weekend. I celebrated a friend’s birthday on Saturday and I, of course, talked to my plants. I’m becoming a crazy garden lady too.


My ladies!banana peppers and zucchini

I cannot even express how proud I am to actually have grown something. It may sound like I’m exaggerating, but I seriously consider having a producing garden to be one of my biggest achievements in life. reading on kindle

I also had time to finish the Divergent series. I’m a little disappointed in how it ended, but I’m a little disappointed in the end of most YA novels.

Although I accomplished so much this weekend, I now can’t wait until George gets back. I’m actually starting to really miss him. And even though I get much less accomplished when he’s around, he’s a welcome distraction.

What did you do this weekend? Let me know in the comments!




Perpetuating Positivity

moccasinsI’m not a naturally positive person. I’m not. I always imagine the worst case scenario. But I do try my the best to find the best in other people because I have no idea what that person is going through. I don’t. And I share a lot on this blog, but you don’t know what I’m going through either.

I try to be understanding and positive. Oh my do I try. I have a full-time job that centers around customer service and if I didn’t try to see the best in people, I’d run out of there screaming. I also spend a damn lot of time on this blog. I don’t make money from this endeavor. I’d love to do so, but for now I’m spreading my knowledge and sharing my life with you all for free. And man do I appreciate anyone who reads this little blog.

But lately I’ve been getting more and more negative comments. And I do appreciate a healthy debate, but I must say once and for all that negativity and just plain rudeness will not be tolerated on this blog. I hate that I even have to acknowledge these anonymous meanies, but this will be the only time I do so. Just because someone saves money differently or has different living standards or even eats a different diet doesn’t make it wrong. Things in life aren’t black and white. What works for me might not work for you. That’s cool. Start your own blog with your own discoveries. But I won’t approve your mean and nasty comments here. As we southerners say, “I will not tolerate ugly talk.” This blog is about perpetuating the positive and living a small, honest life. 

Thank you to all my long-time readers. You bring joy to my life each and every day. I keep doing this because of you. 

As always. With love,