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Love Weekends: Fall Pow Wows

grand entry 2This weekend I visited my mom and dad while George was away on business. It was conveniently the weekend of a local Pow Wow that I’ve been visiting since I was a wee thing. Fall always reminds me of pow wow time. The air is crisp, the drums are loud and I’m rocking my moccasins.

grand entryI don’t talk much about this on ye ol’ blog, but I am Isleta Pueblo and my heritage is an important part of my life.

grass dancergrass dancersThis pow wow was small, but enjoyable. Even though I’m trying to save money, I did spend a little bit on a glorious pair of earrings. I’m trying not to feel guilty about it. We all need a little treat every now and then.

What did you do this weekend?

Let me know in the comments!


Love Weekends: Night at the Museum

pizza closeupMuch like last weekend, this weekend started out with pizza… and wine. Because this week left me (and everyone else at work) at our wit’s end.

pizza and wine

As George would say, pizza and wine pair well together.


Many Saturdays we’ll head to the flea market, not because we need more stuff (we never need more stuff!) but George will often sell vintage on his Instagram Flash Sale. This particular Saturday was miserable. It started raining and both Bambi and I were hating it. I had to carry her the entire time because this little priss doesn’t like to get her paws wet.

exhibit whale natural history museum

Saturday night we went to George’s cousin’s wedding. It was at a Natural History Museum and it was so, so cool. All the kids loved it– including my niece (above.) I kind of loved it too. It felt a little like Night at the Museum with loud music.

all spiffed upWe clean up pretty good.

How was your weekend? Let me know in the comments!



The Airstream Diaries: The Great Outdoors

eating outside

There are times when the Airstream feels a little cramped. Luckily George and I didn’t grow up in big houses, but when we visit friends or family and then come back to our 188 square feet, it can feel a bit cramped.

eating outside airstreamOne day we’ll have a bit more room (just a bit!). George will be able to stretch out his art stuff, Bambi can run around the house like the wild, little dog she is and I can spread out all the veggies I could ever want to chop, but until then when it feels a little cramped, we go outside. Going outside is a blessing when the weather is nice. I immediately feel better when I step outside and take a minute to just enjoy nature. But when that chill in the air comes back and the air smells like snow, there will be no more going outside for long periods of time. So I’m trying to soak it up while I still can.

Friday I was feeling a little cramped and it was so insanely pretty outside, so we ate dinner off paper plates and sat in little fold out chairs. Our setup wasn’t fancy or even very pretty, but it was enjoyable.

Whenever we do get new, small digs I hope we’re right smack dab in the middle of nature. I really think it’s the way humans were meant to live.

Viva la country life!


Love Weekends: A little more human


This past week was a doozy and I’ve been looking forward to the weekend since Tuesday. I’d been feeling a little bit like a work zombie. Come home, sleep, wake up, go to work. It never ends! But when I get feeling overwhelmed I like to remind myself that the weekend is near and Friday night is always pizza night.

veggies in the sink

My garden has still been producing plenty of veggies for salads, snacks and of course, pizza!

bacon and eggs Coffee

On Sundays George and I like to wake up late and make a good, hearty breakfast. I just started scrambling my eggs with butter instead of milk after reading that one of the Iron Chefs does it that way. I’m never going back to scrambling eggs with milk. Never ever. The butter makes such a difference. I’ve also started putting a little pumpkin spice in my morning coffee. It’s never to early to pumpkin all the things, right?!

And don’t judge my paper plates! Weekends are for easy livin’, ya’ll.

How was your weekend? Let me know in the comments!


The Airstream Diaries: Life’s Not Perfect


I took a little break from my Love Weekends posts this week to spend a little bit of unplugged time with my family. We did watch a lot of Mountain Men together though. We were bonding over our shared dislike of Eustace who lives in the mountains of our state.

Anyway, I thought it might be fun to start showing you all everyday pictures of the ‘ol Airstream. You’ve seen the glamour shots¬†and if you’re anything like me, you’ve stumbled upon oodles of over-stylized, “glamping” shots of Airstreams and campers online. And you know what? Those pictures aren’t even close to real. I got 3 mosquito bites just sitting in the house today. That picture above, yeah, that’s the current state of my bathroom. The humidity in the Airstream is so bad that we constantly run a dehumidifier and to be quite frank, with all the rain we’ve had our septic system is backing up. It ain’t pretty.

air conditioning

Did I mention that our air conditioning broke? It’s been a mild summer, but these past couple of weeks have been in the 90s and this gigantic floor air-conditioning unit keeps our house at a cool 81 degrees. Sweaty. We’re planning on a permanent fix for the roof-top air-conditioning but we want to get a proper (inexpensive) replacement which could take time.

dirty dishes

And don’t even get me started on dishes! My sink usually looks like this. I have day dreams of dishwashing machines.

pantry airstream pantry 2 airstream

But it’s not all bad. We went to BJ’s this weekend (with my mom’s membership) and stocked up. George and I spent our entire food allowance for the month, but we also spent a good 15 minutes talking about how a fully stocked pantry and fridge made us feel rich. Our pantry is disorganized and none of our cups match, but we have food in our bellies and in our home.

It’s not a perfect life. It’s not “Pinterest-worthy.” But it’s a good one.

Do you like seeing more “real” pictures of our life? Let me know in the comments!


Love Weekends: Before the Storm

park with georgeToday is the first day of classes and I’m kind of freaking out. We’re short two people at work and our system is scheduled to go down today for four hours. I’m anticipating hellish conditions. Oh well. I’m just going to try to focus on how beautiful this past weekend was. We had friends come in from out of town. I don’t have any pictures of that because we were having too much fun. But on Sunday, George and I felt like bad dog parents for leaving Bambi home alone so much this weekend so we took her on a long walk at a local park.

park with george park park Bambi duskEeep! Wish me luck.



Airstream Front View copySo maybe Airstream Week has ended up being Airstream two weeks. Or week and a half. Oh well. Ya’ll aren’t sick of it yet, are you? I got a lot of questions about the Airstream and our life and I wanted to answer some of them here. So here goes.

1. Do you really live in the Airstream… like all the time?
Yep! We live in the Airstream in the stifling heat of summer and the bone chilling cold of winter. In case of an emergency (like a hurricane), we’ll go to a relative’s house nearby. But other than that, we’re in it the whole time!

2. Are you parked or do you travel?
Right now we are parked in order to save money. We would love to travel with the Airstream one day.

3. Where are you parked?
We are parked on land owned by my husband’s family. It is a beautiful farmed and wooded plot. We stay on the land in exchange for chores.

4. Where do you do laundry?
We have very gracious relatives who let us do laundry at their house in exchange for chores around the house.

5. How much did your Airstream cost?
Our Airstream was $5,000 and we spent about $1,000 on fixing her up. Read more about our buying story here.

6. How long did it take you to fix up the Airstream?
It took about 2 months of intense work.

7. How can I live this life?
This life isn’t for the faint of heart. It isn’t easy, but it is rewarding. 90 percent of living this way is deciding that you want it and sticking with it.

What questions have you been dying to ask? Ask me in the comments!