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Link Love: 36

rp_Link-Love-1024x102411111111-1024x10241-1024x1024-1024x10241-1024x10241-1024x10241-1024x1024-1024x10241-1024x10241-1024x1024-1024x10241-1024x10241-1024x10241-1024x10241-1024x1024-1024x10241-1024x10241-1024x1024-1024x10241-1024x10241-1024x1024.jpg These bus homes are rad.

DIY hammocks! This would be perfect for this summer.

This guy made over $2,00 from decluttering. 

Why this woman wears the exact same thing to work every day. I love this! And it’s such a cute outfit.

This woman spoofs 10 fashion ads. I love the Givenchy one.

This DIY pleated midi skirt is gorgeous and looks so professional. Maybe this this can be my uniform ;)

This rescue dog and baby are partners in crime and in fashion. The aviator hat KILLED me.

The 30 best hikes around the globe. I want to do all of them!

When others frustrate you. I need to bookmark this one!

The science of why you should spend your money on experiences, not things.

Simplify–it’s not just a nice idea.

That’s all folks!


Link Love: 35

rp_Link-Love-1024x102411111111-1024x10241-1024x1024-1024x10241-1024x10241-1024x10241-1024x1024-1024x10241-1024x10241-1024x1024-1024x10241-1024x10241-1024x10241-1024x10241-1024x1024-1024x10241-1024x10241-1024x1024-1024x10241-1024x10241-1024x1024.jpg The salary required to be middle class in every state. Such an eye-opener.

Molly tried Rent the Runway and loved it! Such a good idea for the upcoming “wedding season.”

I’m talking about boredom and stress spending over on And Then We Saved.

Watch out for these products that charge more for “Women’s Versions.” Ugh!

The many ways retailers use coupons to trick you into spending more. YES! I say this all the time and so many people are like “nuh-uh! coupons work!” Not always, crazy coupon people.

Fathers, you can’t afford a stay-at-home mom. So touching. And I love that he did a financial breakdown and everything.

Tips for traveling with pets. We just traveled to Charleston with Bambi and these tips were super helpful.

My friend, Heather is taking a cross-country trip with her parents! She’s insane, in a good way. She’s documenting her travels in a blog. Check it out here.

I love quirky houses. This one is so charming in all the best ways.

This “awful library book” teaches you how to live in a van… it’s too real.

Your Internet habits create your reality.

And similarly, What we consume determines the lives we live.

If we are not busy, are we worthy? YES, YES, YES. ALL DAY, YES.

Things that scare me. Good lord, this one resonated.

And just for fun, this dog eating yogurt is my favorite thing ever.

See you on the flip side!


Link Love: 34


This week there’s been some great stuff on the interwebs. Here’s the best of the best:

Fast and easy Feng Shui tips.

Decorating tips for INTJs. (That’s my personality type, if you are interested in decorating for your’s, scroll to the bottom of the page.)

Learning to love living with less.

This guy built a cozy log cabin for less than $500 bucks.

Yes, you can live in a tiny house with kids.

Costa Rica is now running completely on renewable energy. Let’s go!

10 of the cheapest countries to travel to.

Avoid impulse spending with an ongoing list of fun projects.

Suze Orman recently quit her show. I just adore her. I’ll miss her, but she writes beautifully about knowing when to move on.

Remember how I was just talking about minimalist makeup? Well there’s a company who is doing it. It’s so smart! I never use up regular size makeup before it expires and it’s budget-conscious.

“I achieved the American Dream – and it was awful.”

When you’re buying things you don’t need (and how to stop).

Calculate your energy costs with this formula.

On another note, I’m doing another Whole30. I didn’t want to clog up my regular IG with food, so I created a new one. You can follow along here.

That’s it folks! Happy Thursday!


Link Love: 33


How I slayed my secret money shame and rescued myself from debt.

How I got my financial life together by managing it myself.

How to rebuild your finances after draining your emergency fund.

How to use coupons effectively. Effectively is the key.

Why do your parents push you to be mediocre?  Yes, the author is selling something, but there’s so much truth to this: “Our parents want safety for us, not excellence.”

We can’t always make the best decisions, but we can always make good ones. The psychology of decision making is fascinating.

Fail faster at habits.

The “muffin mansion” is an incredibly cute and colorful camper.

Big design in a small space. 

This is a long quote, but it sums up so much of the negativity we see online.
“I don’t think the vast majority of lifestyle content being written is intended to make anyone feel bad about themselves. Every blog, Pinterest page and Instagram feed is operated (for the most part) by a single person who is excited to have that one place to share ideas and projects they think are inspiring or that they created themselves and are proud of. And if someone actually does live a life where they make their own cupcakes or sew their own curtains or save up to build their dream home, why do we assume that they think they’re better than us or that they have it easier or that they couldn’t possibly be ‘real?'”

And because as a “pear-shaped” woman, this one really rang a bell. Why I don’t believe in dressing for my body type.

Happy almost weekend!




Link Love: 32

rp_Link-Love-1024x102411111111-1024x10241-1024x1024-1024x10241-1024x10241-1024x10241-1024x1024-1024x10241-1024x10241-1024x1024-1024x10241-1024x10241-1024x10241-1024x10241-1024x1024-1024x10241-1024x10241-1024x1024.jpg This week has been wild. The conference I’ve been planning for 6 months is finally over and I think I can breathe now. I’m looking forward to a little trip this weekend and I’m looking forward to maybe getting my life back. Enough of that! Here’s what peaked my interest this week:

These towns will pay you to live there.

Maybe the easiest negotiating ever? Negotiate your bills with the silent treatment.

And similarly… The most underrated sound.

When ridiculousness is ubiquitous.

And similarly… The inventor of the K-Cup: “I don’t have one. They’re kind of expensive to use.” Expensive, bad for the environment and really not much easier than brewing it the old fashioned way. Why do we buy things we don’t need?!?! #frenchpressforlife

You don’t need any of these things, but they are clever. 33 clever things for your small space.

34 ways to make your stuff last longer. The banana thing is genius, I say, genius!

66 tried-and-tested tips for a frugal life.

And… 94 creative ways to save money.

This “yacht-quality” motor home is insanely cool and insanely expensive. If you decide to buy it, make sure you mention my name for the $5,000 commission.  ;)

What yoga taught me about a balanced life.

Getting started with the discipline habit. This one struck a chord, especially since doing dishes is my most hated chore.


Link Love: 30

Link Love I did an extensive interview over on Hey Eleanor! I dished the dirt on why we quit traditional housing and what everyday life is like for us full-timers. Quitters: We moved into Our 1978 Airstream Sovereign.

This 484 square foot house in the Austrian Alps is what dreams are made of.

This grain silo home is so gorgeous, modern and clean. I had no idea grain solos could look so good!

This lady does a great job of documenting the process of remodeling a vintage trailer. Start here.

This guy converted a van into his home for $8,000. We hope to do it for a lot less, but man, his story is inspiring!

Microhouses on Portlandia. All the laugh/cry emojis.

One secret to success that is available to everyone.

What to buy and what not to buy at the Dollar Store.

14 tips for shopping on Amazon. I didn’t even know all these tips and I’m an Amazon fanatic.

This is what I look like without makeup. I don’t think I wear a lot of makeup, but I also don’t leave the house without mascara on. I found this article terrifying and brave. Makeup minimalism?!

Let’s fist pump it to Friday!



Link Love: 29

Link Love It’s been another snowy one this week, so I’ve had the chance to binge watch TV, binge read books and binge pin pins. Check out the best of the best:

This camper has an insane tub and a rabbit!

This couple has lived in their Winnebago for 7 years! Their story had originally inspired me to live in an Airstream and they are still going strong. I also adore their candle company!

One of Bambi’s favorite activities is visiting Lowe’s. But there’s so many other dog-friendly stores! I’ll be filing this away for when we are on the road.

The bottom cabinets in this picture are my inspiration for the van. (Originally seen in Elle magazine.) Now we only need to source a bunch of old barn wood.

Tiny home living without a tiny home.

How do you travel on a budget? A good discussion.

It sounds weird, but I’ve been getting back into knitting after binge-watching Outlander Season 1*. Claire (the main character) has the best knit ware!

Have you seen the sneak peak illustrations for the new illustrated Harry Potter? They are brilliant, of course. Preorder the illustrated edition: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone: The Illustrated Edition (Harry Potter, Book 1)*

Every kid in a park: Love this! I can’t wait to visit all our national parks.

Why am I not doing the thing I want to do? Gah, so relatable and such good advice.

An addict’s guide to overcoming the distraction habit.

*Affiliate links.

Happy Thursday! Stay warm out there!