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The Biggest Before and After EVER!


The old library shelving



We had our reference section sitting on our study carrels for 6 months because the shelving collapsed when we tried to move it : /


I’ve been absent ’round these parts because… (dun, dun, dun!) I’ve had a huge project at work (whomp, whomp). But this is no ordinary project. Last year, I wrote a request to the senior leadership team at my school to fund new library shelving. The old shelving was falling apart. Literally. The furniture in the library was all original to the school, so it has been there since 1969! After much fighting, scraping and the occasional tear, we got the go ahead for new shelving!

Today I am happy to bring you the biggest “Before and After” this blog has ever seen!



I no longer feel like I might get assaulted when I re-shelve books!

I no longer feel like I might get assaulted when I re-shelve books!

Our new bright, airy stacks!

It has been a long process. We weeded 6,000 books from the collection. We researched and designed shelves. And we physically moved and re-shelved 24,000 books.

I am tired. My body hurts. I didn’t know being a librarian often involves so much physical labor. I actually soaked in Epsom salts last night. I am an old lady, but a happy old lady who knows that hard work pays off.


Love Friday: June 15th

Today I’m keeping it short and sweet. I’ll be in professional development at work all day. Ugh. And quite frankly, I’m exhausted. I’ve had very little time to do any internet souring this week. But I did stumble on the best flowchart I’ve seen in a long time via Teach.com.

I think I even discovered a few new books!

Have a beautiful and restful weekend, ya’ll.









My Love/Hate Relationship with Productivity Tools

One of my goals for this next year of my life is to take Sundays completely off. So that means no computers, no cooking, no cleaning– just relaxing. But I’ll be the first to admit, it is going to be hard. We modern ladies are busy, right?!

And as a modern, busy lady, I am always on the lookout for new ways to help me to get things done. In March, I tried The Seinfeld Method aka Don’t Break the Chain. This tool has you making calendars for each of your tasks. Then, you have to do a task from each calendar each day in order to “not break the chain.” But understandably, I was exhausted from this method.

I had a blogging calendar taped to my fridge too, but I quickly saw doing something blogging related everyday was just too much for me.

This¬† month I’m trying something new. I’ve read that it helps some people to schedule all their time, so I’m trying that this month. I really don’t want to schedule my Saturday too.¬† But I might start if it looks like I’m not doing chores, like going grocery shopping, which I usually do on Sunday.

Here’s a glimpse at the schedule I made via Google Docs:

Now, this may look crazy to some of you. Hell, it looks a little crazy to me. But I’m already seeing cracks where I’m probably taking a bit to long at one task. And I really want a full day to lay around, hang out with George and relax.

Have you all ever gone to extreme measures to protect your free time? Do you use productivity tools? Which tools have worked for you and which didn’t work?! Let me know in the comments.