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Pre-Wedding Money Saving Tips

My empty wallet.

My empty wallet.

I talk a big game when it comes to budgets. I make lists and spreadsheets. I even use math! But I’m not great at actually carrying out a budget. On Fridays I really want to go out for a dinner and a couple of drinks. A $4.00 coffee sounds totally reasonable when I’ve been up since 6 am and I have to work late. And somehow a trip to the drug store for a $5.00 bottle of lotion always turns into a $40 affair.

I’m a impulsive spender. It’s bad, I know. But since George and I are primarily paying for the wedding, I’ve been trying so, so hard to save money. The following tips are inspired by Adrienne¬†who has some awesome ideas for saving dough! Totally jealous that she can ride her bike to work!

Here is what George and I have been doing:

  • Attempting to eat everything out of the pantry and fridge before we go to the grocery store. (I particularly hate this one. I have an aversion to left-overs and weird food combos.)
  • Attempting to make cheaper recipes. As someone who needs to eat gluten-free, I’m not loving this one either. We’ve mostly just been eating a lot of eggs…
  • I negotiated to have our rent lowered until our oven is fixed. (It’s been broken for 2 months!) I’d rather have a working oven, but hey, it saves me a few bucks.
  • George has been selling art.
  • I sold a couple of gift cards I had lying around to Plastic Jungle, which I highly recommend if you ever get a gift card you don’t want.
  • And this summer I plan to sell some clothes that I no longer wear on Copius. (Update: I went ahead and put a few items up.)

All of these little things help, but I feel like it’s nearly impossible to save a significant amount of money before the wedding in December. Things keep coming up! (An $80 doctor appointment! Yikes!)

We’ve talked about delaying the honeymoon until the summer, which will save some money, but after all this, I need a break!

Do you have any budgeting tips? I’d love to hear ’em and make a big ol’ list for everyone!